sketch 4/5 for konohanasbotanicals

sketch commission 4/5 for konohanasbotanicals

sketch commission 3/5 for Konohana <33

Artist Feedback Monday


As a friend also happened to cross the 900 follower threshold and is also confused by it I thought it’d be interesting to take an informal poll of sorts.

  1. Why did you follow me?
  2. Why do you continue following me?
  3. What would you like to see from me going forward?



Strengths : Females  // OCs // SFW / Nudity // Ref Sheets // Clothing Design

Weaknesses: Males // Furries // Mecha // Couple Work // Animals // NSFW

  • Details

Please let me know if you want something specific, a specific pose etc.

Let me know if you have a theme in mind (e.g. guro, lingerie, monstergirl etc)

You must pay half or all of the amount upfront

Clothing design is $5 extra

Willing to do fetish / kink art if you ask about it

Please let me know if you want your commission to not be published

sketch commission 1/5 for konohana’s botanicals

lines are transparent hehehe

wip of a sketch commission for konohanasbotanicals <3

Please remember that artists are human, they will make mistakes

Please be patient and polite with them if they do

If you commissioned them and they made a mistake kindly point it out

Maybe there was a reason for changes or whatnot

Also consider prices and how much you paid and whether the mistake is worth making a big deal about

sketch commission for tastytriss <3

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