JUST realized that tsudanym is following me and i screamed

sai is like comfort food

but idk now i’m losing faith in it

adopt alternate outfit for the air adopt I just sold <333

finding my mojo again

there’s only one monstergirl adopt that didn’t sell so I gave her some love ; 7 ;

if you’d like to adopt her she’s only $6! send me an ask!

Oh no I don't have manga studio just Sai, so I was wondering if I could see what you used before making the switch. Your latest pictures have come out really great by the way. They're really pretty!

under the cute for space!! I use 4 brushes!

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Hi I was wondering if you could maybe post the settings for your tools on Sai if it's not too much of a problem?

On SAI? I haven’t used those for the last couple pieces though, just in case those are what you’re asking about!!

did weird stuff

sketched, painted, then sketched again

painting was a lot of fun and feels like it has more life?? idk

thank you for your patience

your understanding

and your kindness <3

while it’s probably still a little too sketchy, I really really like it

i’m pretty proud of this actually

critiques, tips, ideas welcome!

nerv gave me one of her adopts

i named her minou

doodled her in ms5 to cheer myself up

rocket to space